Aug 21, 2013
International artists @ TP 13

Trailerpark Festival might be Copenhagen-based, but that doesn’t mean it is all danish. This year we had artists coming abroad from England, Holland and Finland. Luckily Danhostel was there to provide an awesome and central place to stay for all these visiting artists and musicians: Micachu, Landshapes, Phantom, Softcore, and Ottilie “Tilly” Thompson.

The dutch crew “Softcore” is a returning part of Trailerpark Festival and one of our international extensions of the Trailerpark Family who travels quite far to join us. For the fourth year in a row they have come to help build up the festival area. This year they created the Flamingo Bar.

We had a small chat with Arjen Ulrich of the Softcore crew.

Arjen Ulrich of the Softcore crew.


How was your experience at Trailerpark 2013?

It has been a great rush of building and partying.


How was it to be part of the festival as an international artist?

It’s always great to meet people from other cities and I think everybody enjoyed working in an international group of people who strive to create the best scenery for the festival.


What made you travel to Denmark for the festival?

I first attended Trailerpark Festival three years ago while I was on vacation in Copenhagen. I liked the atmosphere and all the volunteers that were working really hard to get everything done in time. Also the combination of music and art makes Trailerpark more interesting than other festivals.


I know it’s not your first time at Trailerpark. For how many years have you been at been here and why do you keep coming back?

This year was the fourth time of working at Trailerpark. For me Trailerpark is about working together and make sure that the visitors are given a unique experience of music and art. It’s always great to see how they react to the things you’ve been building for a whole week. At Trailerpark I can really design and build the things that I want. Of course there’s always some discussion and it needs to fit within the overall theme, but there’s a lot of freedom to do the things you like.


Would you recommend others to do the same?

Every year I talk to a lot of people about Trailerpark Festival and some of them would love to join. Last year I brought two friends to build the DJ stage and this year another friend of mine worked at the festival. All of them are likely to return next year.




British Ottilie “Tilly” Thompson



British – Landshapes


British – Landshapes



Finnish – Phantom

Finnish – Phantom


Finnish – Phantom



British – Micachu

British – Micachu

A big thanks to Danhostel for providing rooms for our international artists and guests