Nov 07, 2012
Trailerpark afterparty // LORTEHÆNDERNE

TrailerPark are thrilled to have Lortehænderne playing at the official TrailerPark Festival Afterparty on 10th of November (THIS SATURDAY!) So thrilled, we decided to track them down and interview them.

Together, Julius Sylvest, Emil Lange, Alexander Chimera, August Fenger and Kristoffer Lundberg make up Lortehænderne (in English: Crap Hands.) Since 2009 the five boys have been close friends. They met each other at a local DJ competition in Copenhagen, then and there establishing a DJ crew.

In spite of the name Crap Hands, they play music that veers far away from bad quality. With their good vibes and flawlessly blended beats, they produce festive and energetic DJ sets, consistently kick-starting their audience to dance like crazy and have a blast.

The soundtrack to the night you meet each other?
Jamaican drunken reggaeton, and Major Lazer’s ‘Pon De Floor’, while August was pole dancing with a black mama.

DJ Lange Lortefinger, DJ Pøllescratch, DJ Shitrock, DJ Bacon and DJ Dårlig Mave.

Biggest blunder?
A night with harpoons and a private jet. Nothing more is remembered.  

Cartoon character?

Three things on a desert island?
Frank Sinatra, a beautiful woman and a bottle of rum. 

Favorite drink?
The fist (vodka and water). 

One day at a time.

Why should people come join us at Trailerpark Afterparty?
Most likely it will be a rainy, cold November night, so come and get warm by dancing to our sweaty tunes. And if you are lucky you will wake up on a beach not far from Costa del Sol.