Jun 20, 2012
Casiokids, The Eclectic Moniker and more

Okay people, here’s a bunch of amazing acts for Trailerpark Festival 2012! We can’t wait for August 31.

Norwegian Casiokids broke through to the mainstream with electro-pop smash hit “Fot i Hose” from the album Topp Stemning På Lokal Bar from 2010. Since then their very danceable tunes have has been described as a mashup of as diverse acts as Hot Chip, Vampire Weekend, Sigur Ros and many more. In other words Casiokids is a band who knows how to party while elegantly incorporating musical tendencies from pretty much all directions. {read more}

The Eclectic Moniker has had a tremendous year in Denmark with performances on the Spot- and Roskilde festivals and with one of the most played singles on Danish radio. Their insane mix of calypso, folk and alternative pop was unheard of till they came along… and at Trailerpark we adore daredevils who give hell to conformities with the result of coming up with totally new artistic expressions. {read more}

While no stranger to Denmark Hooray For Earth’s show at Trailerpark Festival 2012 is the band’s first concert on Danish soil. We recommend watching the incredible (and Vimeo Staff Picked) video for the song “True Loves” and to acclimatize you should rock out to maximalist synth-track “Bring Us Closer Together”. Hooray For Earth has toured extensively the last couple of years and everyone from Pitchfork to Spin Magazine has praised their releases. {read more} 

Dig og Mig is two childhood friends that have charmed Denmark with their 80s-pop-meets-The-Ramones’ish sound. Since their first single release in February Dig og Mig has gained a big following and are known for their intense live shows which is always something we welcome at Trailerpark Festival. {read more}

D/R/U/G/S is a British one-man project and one of those acts that sounds best after sunset. The name might hint some electroclash-rave-madness, but imagine spaced out, mildly euphoric-, bassy- and almost Orbital-like compositions and add a bunch of remixes for people like Lana Del Rey, Lykke Li, Moby and Egyptian Hip Hop – and you have D/R/U/G/S. {read more}