Jul 26, 2012
Yo Felles: Eloq+Dixone+ Julius Sylvest

To put it in short: It does not get more bass-party-madness than Yo Felles. Anywhere. At all.

Both together and separate Eloq, Dixone and Julius Sylvest are some of the heaviest- and most reckless dj’s and producers on the Danish scene right now, not giving a f*ck about tempos, hype or anything else but the beat, the rhythm and not least the bass. They mash up, they sample, they mix like crazy motherf*ckers and the love shines through more than anything else.

Julius Sylvest was a participant at the Red Bull Music Academy in 2011, and has already been playing all over the world alone and with Copia Doble Systema; from Russian airplane stations over Roskilde Festival to Sonar in Barcelona.

Eloq is probably best know as the man behind the notorious Cheff Records and as the producer behind the even more notorious Kidd. As both a dj- and producer Eloq, however, ranges from IDM-inspired electronica to heavy bass-influenced swag music; seems like there is no boundaries whatsoever for this young guy.

Dixone is somewhat a Trailerpark-veteran already. He played last year as part of Dokkedal & Dixen and not only is he one of Denmark’s finest turntable artists, he is also a great producer embracing inspirations from the likes of grime, hip hop, dancehall, cumbia and kuduro music. 3 for 1 dynamite pack!


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