Jul 26, 2012
Vinnie Who (DK) @ TP2012

If you have been to Trailerpark Festival before, Vinnie Who need no further introduction. For the past three years Vinnie Who has been the very last band to play at TP, closing down the festival on Sunday night with an amazing concert- and party. 2012 will be the fourth year for Vinnie Who to do so, simply because we love that band.

If you have never been to Trailerpark before, you can expect one h*ll of a live show- and closure to the festival from this band. Almost 10 people tall, Vinnie Who is a great live band and their disco-infected pop music goes straight to both the heart and the feet. They never fail to deliver a party!

The man behind Vinnie Who is the 25-year old Niels Bagge Hansen, a thin, androgynous front figure who has full control over the music, orchestra and especially the audience. He writes all the music and lyrics himself, and does much of the recording singlehandedly. Behind the producer’s desk sits Lasse Lyngbo, known from Diefenbach and White Pony.

Vinnie Who’s debut album, “Then I Met You”, was released in 2010 and we are hoping hoping hoping for more news soon…


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