Aug 08, 2012
Tako Lako (DK) @ TP2012

With their psychedelic mix of world genres and trashy gypsy tunes, the critically acclaimed Copenhagen act ‘Tako Lako’ have achieved cult status in Scandinavia and Britain. They’ve been named ‘the potentially biggest Danish act’ by MTV; and ever since winning the Danish and Scandinavian Emergenza Festival in ’08, they’ve proven time and time again that they can deliver shows of immensely high caliber and vision.

This was particularly the case at their legendary Roskilde Festival ’09 show where thousands of festival goers became mesmerized by Tako Lako’s explosive beats in ways they had never been before. Watch the pretty lofi but highly energetic video from the show to your left.

A lot has happened since then including a Glastonbury performance. Tako Lako is releasing their debut this month so what better time to present them on Trailerpark Festival?

Tako Lako is presented with support from our main sponsor Royal Unibrew as a part of the TAKrock inititative, a huge thanks goes out to Unibrew from us for supporting the Danish music scene.

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