Aug 23, 2012
Softcore (NL) @ TP2012

Softcore is an Alkmaar/Amsterdam based group of DJ’s/artists. They make music and combine several art forms.

Richard Poll is a graphic designer and graffiti artist; Wiboud de Boorder has great skills in building both large and tiny things from decors to guitar effects. Arjen Ulrich is a 3D artist and experiments with various materials and techniques creating art.

Softcore focus on concepts and ideas and is inspired by the future and the past, space and space age design, recycling and re-use and music and sounds. For TP2012 they design the AiAiAi DJ stage based on the concept of listening to music wearing headphones.

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  2. [...] Softcore (NL) Softcore are a trio of creatives to be reckoned with. They’ve been handed the task of making the AiAiAi DJ stage and boy does it look good so far. They’ve taken the headphone brand’s distinctive colours and plan to incorporate them into a sound wave pattern that will line the walls. [...]

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