Apr 21, 2010
Sleep Party People Live @ TP 2010

With his piano, guitar, an old drum machine and effect machines, Brian Batz escapes from the worries of every-day life into his slightly tilted universe of mysticism and dreams. This year in January the debut album of Sleep Party People hit the shelves, and with a music video directed by Tracy Maurice (who has previously directed for such prominent acts like Arcade Fire and Final Fantasy) and truly amazing live shows the future looks more than bright for Brian Batz & co.

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  1. [...] release contains track from artists who have performed at the festival since the beginning in 2007; Sleep Party People, Rework, CHLLNGR, Raz Ohara, Vinnie Who, Wareika and many others contribute to the double album [...]

    Oct 08, 2010 @ 10:07