Aug 01, 2010
Review: Torben Denver Band @ TP2010

Torben Denver and his band is from south of Germany a town called ’Kuchen’ – which means cake – and I got to wonder, if the band would deliver a concert just as sweet as the name of their hometown. They did. Their first concert ever.

The laidback folk was well represented, and the quintet’s song-material did contain the charm, that usually comes with the style. To my happy surprise the content of the songs included the humouristic distance, I often experience with German bands. As a listener you are challenged on your own  expectaions of normal music. And I like it.

The band also did the unexpectet by having two untradiotional instruments to folk music on stage; a man on a flute and man with a very, very small shaker – keep the music weird.

A slow but interesting start to a hopefully even more reality-busting sunday program.

Hanne Katrine Rasmussen

Photos taken by Johanne Fick