Jul 31, 2010
Review: Low-slung basslines with Boody B

Long time ArtRebels friend and Trailerpark stalwart Boody B kicked us off on a saturday where sunglasses have become de rigueur – partly because of the hangovers, partly because the sun is finally out. Where some would have pandered to the alcohol induced frailty of a second-day festival crowd that gave it their all yesterday, Boody instead kicked into a set characterized by booming basslines and soulful melodies – ´cause like Boody says “I considered playing a chilled set, but then realized 5 minutes in that thats just fucking boring”. What came out instead was a set that was dubby yet full of attitude with Boody playing tracks mostly from his own label Palms Out Sounds and even throwing some of his own tunes in the mix. I´ve gotta say, I´ve known Boody for a couple of years and followed his stuff for even longer and he just continues to impress me with a sound that is refined yet raw. Now stop reading this and go check out his excellent blog/homepage and listen to the tons of quality tunes he puts up on it;

image by Lars Hjortkjær, words by Ulrik Hogrebe