Aug 01, 2010
Bustin’ moves at the Prinzhorn Dance School

It’s a quater-to-eight o’clock shocker
It’s a formidable challenge to be second-day party primer. To knock the necessary holes in the alcohol haze from the night before, and to pick up the slack. It needs to be executed with a gentle but firm hand: Too fast and the crowd will be run down. Too slow and they’ll fall asleep.

Knock knock
It proved a terrific decision by Trailerpark to charge the Prinzhorn duo from the UK with this task. Entering the stage around a quarter to eight they were met by a hopeful, but admittedly quite dazed, audience. The duo – come trio, as they were flanked by a drummer – took on the task undauntedly and with a sparkle in the eye. With a charming, lo-fi demeanor, they treated the crowd with a strong succession of intense pieces. And their hard-hitting minimalism proved exactly the right tonic to rid listeners of the last bit of residual post-party drowsiness. In a slow, steady progression the atmosphere of the tent built up. A build-up that continued throughout the concert.

Crackerjack docker
Isn’t it just fantastic when things turn out like you hoped? I must admit that their self-entitled debut album took some listening before it grew on me (now of course, I wouldn’t be without it!) But for the live performance they had loosened some of the stylistic constraints. The clean and extremely sparse universe illustrated on the album was complemented by a little bit of musical grit making the sound more homogenous and approachable. This didn’t sacrifice any of the latent potential in the tracks, however, and they kept the crowd on their feet – on the edge. And they kept it all the way home.

I’m definitely on for a second lecture at the Prinzhorn Dance School!

// Tony G

Photos by Jason Idris-Alami

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  1. Trailerpark blogger crew

    Nice review Tony! And great concert!

    Aug 01, 2010 @ 13:39

  2. rodney

    good booking, too early time slot though

    Aug 01, 2010 @ 16:07

  3. Obama

    top stuff! more pls more!

    Aug 03, 2010 @ 20:44

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