Aug 22, 2009
Return to the joy of art

As with most of Basco 5s work there’s an immediate expression of innocence, but with a seriousness lurking underneath. That’s also the case with his contribute to Trailerpark this year as he and designer Magnus Sanglid have come together in their new artists collective Fragment Five.

They have created two different art pieces, kind of separated, yet working together as the triangular theme in Magnus’s huge matchstick-like sculptures also appears in Basco 5s enormous three dimensional wooden sculptures. The two guys have strived towards expressing the joy of art, by making something that they found fun and during the process they have been highly influenced by native indian culture, wild nature, and a simpler time.

The sculptures resemble huge chess pieces in strong colours depicting cartoonish penguins, chubby human hands etc. and very much have the distinctive naiveness from Basco5. But the penguin and the hand are cut in half, revealing their bloody insides as to abrupt you from a fantasy world and drag you back to reality. Basco5 elaborates like this: “Before I used to make very cute art pieces, but now I’m trying to cooperate more seriousness into the pieces. These pieces are actually an expression of my own anxieties”.

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