Aug 22, 2009
Shake your booty for Jahcoozi

Friday night Trailerpark Festival was proudly visited by the bass heavy electronica trio Jahcoozi from the Berlin club scene, signed by the mother label of Peaches.

This night the trio was degraded into a duo, consisting of the London-born Sri Lankan front woman Sasha Perera and her male compagnon, in charge of computers, bas etc. Inspite of the missing third, they did not disappoint the partying crowd. The little atlethic lady in front, was giving all she got, shaking her booty and moving around the stage, she could likely be compared to the icon Grace Jones, and with a glorifiying carisma and starcredibility, she was giving an extraodinary intense performance, all through the show. Also the multi-instrumentalist compagnongship was showing of great musicality.

It was indeed a remarkable party and no one could stand still to the heavy beats. The atmosphere were outer more lifted to endless hights as three pandas were entering the dancefloor showing of their dancing skills as well as the stage was also being filled with dancing and happy people. Everybody were shaking their asses to Jahcoozi and together audience and the band were making one hell of a party the first night of Trailerpark Festival.